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Exceptional Places of Healing, Living and Business

Schley Nelson was founded in 1991 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. From the beginning, our firm was created on a commitment to design excellence through our use of industry leading concepts. Our projects range from healthcare to government and commercial design work. We find that having a strong sense of versatility within the services we offer allows us to conquer continuous growth and provides our clients with a wide range of expertise and skill. We are proud of the relationships we form with our clients and within our community that enable us to better serve innovative, unique, and careful design strategies that create positive impactful contributions to those that benefit from our progressive design outcomes and exemplary service.


Our company philosophy revolves around the effort toward creating inviting spaces that provide an environment to improve health and the betterment of overall life. Human – focused concepts extend from the core of our determination to develop the best quality evidence – based design that offers sustainable solutions despite the complexity of work. We believe in bringing uniqueness to each project we take on; therefore it is essential that our team puts forth an individualized approach for each client. We make it our duty to ensure that every outcome exceeds expectations and is met with the specific goals that will allow each unique space to thrive. 


We are proud of our accomplishments, our clients with whom we have been affiliated, as well as our continuous growth. If you are seeking talented architectural design from a professionally dedicated firm, give us a call at (269) 375-8360.


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