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Projects dealing with sophisticated and complex systems account for 85% of the work we accomplish within the walls of Schley Nelson. We are proud of the collaboration that takes place between our talented staff and the clients we serve. Together, we are able to design medical facilities that inspire and create trust in medicine. The specialty services we offer in feasibility, analysis, and design of medical spaces allows us to give our clients healthcare solutions that are technologically advanced with an impeccable improvement to quality, while also offering reduced costs. We strive to be a market leader that offers industry understanding through our innovative architectural solutions centering around the attention to detail of patient sensitive design concepts. Our cutting edge design work in the healthcare industry is fueled by our passion to deliver spaces that promote faster diagnostics and healing, while also providing environments that are rich in compassion and dignity. Our clients find success when they choose Schley Nelson as their healthcare design partner because we ensure that the patient experience stays at the core of our work throughout the entire design process. 

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