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The Kalamazoo Expo Center received a new Expo Hall and Main Entry to tie the existing facilities together. The Kalamazoo County Government sought to add the new Exhibition space to synergize the use of both individual and combined new and old spaces. The completed project consisted of a new area that measured 34,830 square feet, harmoniously linking together the complex while creating a new main entry and central lobby. To achieve efficient cost with maximizing delivery of space, a pre-engineering metal building structure was used and modified in the connection areas to fulfill project needs.


The new grand entry outcome has been a tremendous success, giving Kalamazoo County a memorable brand facility image that reflects the Kalamazoo Art Deco history and yielding first class Exposition space. The space allowed for an increased clarity for public entry that has embodied a new and exciting community building. The bright colors at the exterior aluminum clad entry columns, in lobby flooring, and at the interior check-in canopies were used to reflect the Art Deco theme and support a facility designed for public fun. Throughout the entirety of the building, the new Exhibition Hall utilizes consistent detailing to support the overall project brand outcomes.


The Expo was studied and shaped for optimized and flexible vendor fit for the fullest of show potentials. Durable materials include specialized polished floors and custom acoustical treatments to enhance room quality and allow multi-use, along with large "upscale" party configurations. The stained and polished floors along with the painted masonry walls in public areas were chosen to allow for cleanability and endurance.



Kalamazoo County


Kalamazoo, Michigan


Expo Center


34,830 SF

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